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  BFX-2 Brake Flush System
  Fast, Simple, and User-Friendly. Connect to the vehicle, then complete the fluid exchange in only 5-10 minutes!

Make brake flush service fast, simple and profitable with RTI's BFX-2. Automated push/pull process completely flushes the entire brake system and provides superior service.

Routine interval brake fluid exchanges are now being recommended by a growing number of OEM's and MAP (Motorist Assurance Program) and the efficient way to provide this service today is with the BFX-2 Efficient & Simple - 3 step process... extracts old brake fluid from master cylinder; fills new fluid into master cylinder; automatically performs OEM specified single sequential wheel end bleeding procedure all in less than 10 minutes.

Easy Service to Sell - now specified by OEM's & MAP to maintain safe vehicle operation User-Friendly Operation - universal master cylinder adapters w/ quick reference guide for EZ hook-up & includes pistol wand for convenient & accurate fill. EZ wheel end bleeder hose hook-up and storage Effective and Professional - unique push/pull process ensures optimal fluid exchange, eliminates system contamination, purges harmful air simultaneously. Isolates each wheel end & performs OEM recommended bleeding sequences. Compatible with both ABS & non-ABS systems Durable Design & Construction - Rugged cabinet w/ special powder coated steel to resist brake fluid corrosiveness
  Control Panel
  • Logical controls, intuitive layout & function
  • Pressure gauge, assists in brake system diagnosis
  • Automatic machine shut-off w/ warning light: new fluid tank is empty, used tank is full

  • Universal adapters for variety of master cylinders

    Wheel End Hose Connectors
  • Color-coded, eliminates hook-up confusion

    New Brake Fluid
  • BFX-2 easily adapts to many types of brake fluid bottles
  • May use RTI-supplied fluid tank

    Waste Brake Fluid
  • Sealable & EZ to remove waste bottle
  • Eliminates mess during waste fluid disposal
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